Pain management

The pain management program at The Victorian Rehabilitation Centre is an approved TAC/ Worksafe pain management program provider.


The Pain Management Program at The Victorian Rehabilitation Centre contributes to the provision of a holistic approach to assist people with managing pain, increasing functional capacity and optimising quality of life.

A highly experienced multidisciplinary team comprising of Specialist Pain/Rehabilitation Physicians, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Psychologists and Exercise Physiologists contribute to the provision of this program.

Objectives of the Pain Management Program are to assist individuals to:

  • Facilitate suitable return to work where appropriate
  • Increase engagement in purposeful activity and leisure
  • Increase physical fitness, endurance and quality of movement
  • Reduce emotional distress associated with pain and altered lifestyle
  • Reduce, manage and cope with persistent/ongoing pain
  • Reduce reliance on medication and ongoing therapies.

When referred to the pain program, patients will be assessed and the most suitable program will be determined.

Programs are offered in both an individual and group format.

Both programs include a combination of:

  • Education, discussion and skills training to facilitate a resumption of activities in all areas of life, including return to work were appropriate.
  • Graduated exercises on land and/or in the pool to improve strength, flexibility and fitness.
  • Stress management and psychological discussion sessions aimed at reducing and managing the emotional distress associated with chronic pain.
  • A self-management philosophy is taken with all clients.

Participants need to participate fully in all aspects of their program, which includes practice in the home environment.

  • Client motivated to accept and participate in a self-management approach
  • No further improvement expected with medical intervention
  • Non-malignant musculoskeletal pain
  • Pain duration longer than three months or if has not responded to current treatment regime.
  • All Private Health Funds
  • Self-funding
  • Work Cover or TAC.

Access to any of the services listed below is available via referral from your local GP, physician, surgeon, allied health professional or health insurance. Patients may also refer themselves, or be referred by their family.

To make a referral, please contact us by phone 1300 1 REHAB (73422) or email.

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